Medals and Mascara

‘You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one’ – Imagine – John Lennon

It’s hard to write a blog without the harrowing recent events playing on my mind. Not only the innocent lives taken in Manchester and London but the daily attacks that are happening all around the world. As a bystander watching the news unfold on the television, I have never felt so helpless. Lives changed in an instant. We are thinking of all those who have been affected.

So how have we all been? Sorry it’s been a while, since my last blog I ended up in hospital, and I’m currently under the neurology department for further tests. Life is eventually starting to fall back into place. With every grey cloud comes a silver lining. In the last couple of months I have had the chance to meet so many of you. Sweaty hugs and selfies all round, what a pleasure it’s been sharing your achievements. I kept my promise that I would be there pom-poms and all. Medal Miles has given me the opportunity to connect and support real life heroes.

It’s been a crazy journey of 10 months so far, our medals have travelled across the world. I would like extend a welcome to all you new Medal Milers. Each is carefully designed either by myself or James. You can’t buy our medals anywhere else. Virtual running the new craze? I still think it has the wrong name. Virtual running, what you mean you don’t actually run? Virtual running is more popular today than it ever has been. We are building a generation of achievers and pride. It hasn’t come without some bad press though with quotes like ‘It’s not real running!’ …..what do you mean it’s not real running? I am pretty certain that everyone joining in a virtual run gets race ready and then completes their distance in return for a nice piece of bling at the end. It can be done as a solo journey or as a group event it’s your race, your place, your pace ( just thought I would drop in our slogan) I say ignore the haters, whether you run 1 mile or you are a seasoned marathoner YOU ARE A RUNNER.

We have some exciting partnerships and medals coming your way including the first medal in our Mini Miles- Children’s Race Collection as we approach our 1st Birthday.

Believe you can and you are half way there….. Happy Running.

Love Tammie xxx

Dedicated To all those innocent lives lost daily. May your stars shine bright in the night sky.

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