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Medals and Mascara

13.1 & 26.2 to some these are just numbers to me it’s a way of life.

In those miles I have learnt more about myself than I ever thought possible. Every year the day after The London Marathon is on telly, the buzz spreads. People who have never wanted to run a marathon ask me ‘How hard can it really be? I must admit I do roll me eyes maybe just a little, I really can’t help it. At the same time I love the excitement. I want people out there achieving their dreams and having some of the same experiences I have. I continue to say that it will be one of the best experiences in your life but be prepared for it to consume a lot of your time. It’s totally worth it though. There are over 500 Marathons across the world every year, I just googled that by the way. That’s even more than I thought, it looks like more are going on the bucket list. If you have ever run a marathon or watched one it’s hard not to get carried up in the emotion, each person with their own reason and those crazy costumes. I struggle to carry just myself around the course. If you have read my previous blog ‘All you need is love’ you will know that when I started this journey to becoming a ‘runner’ I couldn’t even run around the block. Everyone has to start somewhere. For that reason I try to stay around when I am supporting rather than running, to cheer the runners towards the back of the pack as the crowds become thinner. These runners deserve just as much as noise as other runners that have already passed. I scream, jump, clap and try to encourage them to continue to the finish. For those that met me at Silverstone half marathon, you know that I may be small but I’m loud.

A marathon for many like me is a way of life. Those months of training through everything the weather has to throw at us, come rain, snow or shine those miles have to be covered. Passers-by in their cars look at you in complete bemusement, with the snow hitting your face. Those early starts when it’s the weekend, and the words ‘I can’t stay out too late I have my long run in the morning’. It’s all part of the journey, your long runs gets longer you get stronger. It wasn’t earned on the day, it was the months of dedication before that, and if I want to brag about it I damn well will, I lost toenails for that.

Sometimes it doesn’t quite go right.

I was due to run my 10th Marathon in Brighton on the 9th April 2017. I was struck with a nasty flu virus which then lead to severe labyrinthitis, which I am still suffering from. I have been out of action now for 5 weeks and was advised not to run it and therefore have deferred my marathon place. All is not lost as my 10th marathon will now be NEW YORK!!! More on that another time. If you are running Brighton Marathon I will be there with my pom-poms cheering you amazing rock stars on.

Believe you can and you are half way there….. Happy Running.

Love Tammie xxx

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