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All you need is love, love. Love is all you need- The Beatles

I use the word love every day. Love isn’t necessary something that makes you smile. Loving is the journey of something that gives you emotions that you can’t describe and it isn’t always easy but it makes it worthwhile. I love many things and people in my life. My siblings – they are the proof that our bond is unbreakable despite what life has thrown at us. My husband, yes we argue over who got the race ballot or who was supposed to pack the Garmin watch charger but you are stuck with me forever. The person I need to love more is myself. A lot of people mistake self-love for being arrogant or big headed. Now don’t get me wrong the world has those people within it, but we tend to look at others through tinted glasses and ourselves through a dirty used jar.

Before I got addicted to running, I used to smoke, drink and eat a lot of naughty food. I became increasingly unhappy. I never got particularly large but within myself I felt uncomfortable. I hated what I saw in the mirror. One day I decided enough was enough. I was 25 and I had my whole life ahead of me. The time for change was now! I threw on some trainers and some jogging bottoms and attempted to run around the block. Needless to say it didn’t end well, I don’t know what I was thinking I sat and cried. The next day I went and brought some of the things I needed and tried again and again and again. Each time I realised it was getting a little easier, I still didn’t have the confidence to run in the daylight but I was seeing the progress. I wasn’t naive to think this would happen overnight, but my mindset was becoming clearer and above all I was enjoying myself. I signed up for a race for life 10k. The day came and it was one of those stupidly rare hot days in the UK. I just told myself it was never about the time, it was about doing it. I completed the 10k in 1hour 25min, so no Olympic records broken there, but I did it! I ran 10k, OK so I did walk a little, but it was hot. The months following my adult running debut I saw a difference in myself. Not only was I becoming a lot more comfortable in my own skin but I found that I was a more positive person, my whole outlook changed. As much as I’m sure I bored the pants off my friends and family TAMMIE was back. I was hungry for more miles. There was only one thing for it, I needed to try a half marathon. I ran Silverstone Half marathon for Macmillan, with my husband by my side. WOW, what a feeling when I crossed that line. I was high, I was tearful I was laughing. It was then I knew that I was in love with running and nothing was going to break it, that choice I made the year previous is a day I will never forget. This was my life and I was going to run it.

Running now has become more popular than ever, but I know there is still thousands of people out there who are scared to change, scared to take that leap. My advice to you is do it!! LOVE YOURSELF!! Trust me you will never look back. So today if you haven’t told yourself, you are amazing and capable of anything.

Believe you can and you are half way there….. Happy Running.

Love Tammie xxx

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