So a big happy new year to you all, I really can’t believe its 2017 already. As you get older the years seem to fly by. We have packed up the tinsel and demolished the chocolates. We go into the New Year saying New Year, New me. Why do we start New Year’s resolutions? A fresh year? A new book? A chance to make this year ‘Our Year’?

I love seeing the inspiration on people’s faces, the gym is packed and the retailers push the fitness gear to the front of the store. My Instagram is pages of quotes and trainers. YES finally all my friends are like me!!! We are now mid-January and most have fallen off the bandwagon. Why do so many people give up and what drives others to continue?

It’s like most things in life, we have become inpatient, I want to lose a stone in a week and have abs by the second week, at the same time not changing any habits. Your body is a complex thing and the progress takes time and persistence. My advice is to make little changes as you go rather than trying to go cold turkey. Grab a buddy, it’s easier if you are doing these changes with someone, that way you can support and encourage each other. Set goals, you may have a dress to fit into or you just want to feel better about yourself. Weekly or monthly targets are a great way of staying on track and keeping you motivated. And be realistic, before you know it you will start seeing a difference.

You’ve got this!! One of the reasons I set up Medal Miles was to help people achieve their goals. As someone who has battled with her weight, I know the feeling of not seeing the results that you want quick enough and then giving up. Over the years I learnt that I am stronger than I thought possible. You still have 345 days to make this your year!!! I will be with you every step of the way.

Believe you can and you are half way there….. Happy Running.

Love Tammie xxx

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