So as we enter the last few weeks of 2016, its time to reflect on the past year and be thankful. In truth this year has been a really tough year. Within the first couple of weeks, as a family we received dreadful news. My nephew had fallen extremely poorly and was put into an induced coma. We are thankful for the selfless teams at both the Luton & Dunstable hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital as well as the CATS team. Without them my nephew may not have survived and made his full recovery. The unknown is a dark place to find yourself. I used this as my inspiration to try and make a small difference in this world. This last year was going to be one where I pushed myself harder than before. I was going to run 100 miles in 7 days. Now to some people that wasn’t a lot, to me this was a hard challenge. The journey took us to Manchester Marathon followed by 4 x 11.9 miles runs. We ended the challenge at Brighton Marathon with my nephew at the finishing line. Needless to say I was a tearful mess, only a few months back I was unsure if he would ever walk or talk again. That’s the thing about running and when you look around your realise that everyone is there for their own reason. The charity running vests, the pictures of loved ones attached to them and the giant signs that the crowds hold. The encouragement you receive from complete strangers, the ‘You can do it’ when you see someone struggling. That’s why I think I fell in love with running, it’s the places has taken me and the people I have met along the way.

Hey I couldn’t leave the blog on a sad note, its Christmas after all. The best thing about this year is how you are reading this, through ‘Medal Miles’. Myself, James and Mark who I promise you will meet, are Team Medal Miles. We are all runners and knew this was our calling. I have enjoyed every minute of it and have been inspired by future paralympians, children and just people on their own journey. I am excited in anticipation of next year and where this dream can take us and you.

I thank each and everyone one of you for the support!! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and

Happy New year!!! Here is to an AMAZING 2017!!!

Believe you can and you are half way there….. Happy Running.

Dedicated to my nephew Charlie- The bravest and most inspiration little 6 year old.

Love Tammie xxx

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