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Medals and Mascara

Hello and welcome to Medal Miles.

I’m Tammie, nickname Tiny Tam. I make up 5ft of the medal miles team. I started running again in 2010, needless to say I am well and truly addicted. When you try to explain to people that getting up at 6am on a winters morning is my idea of fun, they just think you’re crazy. I have to admit it, sometimes even I think I’m crazy but running gives me that time to reflect and a sense of empowerment. It doesn’t always go to plan, people seem to think that because I have run 9 marathons I find it easy. Even with that under my belt I have days where it doesn’t happen. My legs and brain just don’t communicate, they are the days I have to not get disheartened, after all a small and slow run is better than no run what so ever. I then just wondered if it was just me or if this was common problem. After hours of searching online and getting distracted by new running trainers and funky patterned leggings, I discovered I wasn’t the only one. Well what a relief that was. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in comparing yourself to others. Now I am not the fastest, but the only competition is with myself. Covered in sweat with red cheeks is not my most glamorous moments, but each drop is me pushing past that wall and smashing through it. After all sweat dries and red cheeks disappear, but the sparkle in your eyes when you get to the finish was worth it all.

Believe you can and you are half way there….. Happy Running.

Love Tammie xxx

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