How about our Rio Olympics inspired medal?

Today we took great delight in going down to the Olympic Park in London to grab some pictures of our Rio Olympics inspired medal and stumbled across this amazing backdrop!

It was such an amazing day as there was a 10k event on, with the runners finishing inside the stadium. It reminded us that although not all of us are as fast as Mo Farah or as glamorous as Jessica Ennis-Hill, we can still get the same buzz and excitement from running our own race. It is so easy to fall into the trap of feeling 'i will never be as good as them' but today we saw every person that completed their 10k, have a huge smile on their face. Equally the crowds watching were cheering just as loud and so proud of their runners!

We have an ethos here at Medal Miles that each run should be rewarded and the medal bling not just restricted to organised events. We fully understand that events are expensive, time restrictive and daunting for some. With one of our virtual runs you simply choose the race, the place and the pace. At the end of the run, you might not qualify for an Olympic gold medal but you certainly deserve one of your ownl!!

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