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A little bit about us and who we are....

Medal Miles has been created by a husband and wife both of different running abilities but an equal passion for running & medals! Medal Miles has an ethos that each run should be counted and rewarded. We understand the importance of collecting medals but are also aware that taking part in organised events can be daunting, costly and time restricting. We take pride in designing our own medals to make sure the sense of satisfaction on completing your goal is justly rewarded.

Tammie Inkster-Sanders

Co-Founder Tammie has many marathons and half marathons under her belt, she is such an inspiration to all those around her.


James Inkster-Sanders

Co-Founder James may not be the fastest runner but definitely 'having a party at the back with the rhinos' 


Miles The Bear

Our very own mascot, Miles The Bear, is the fluffiest member of the team. He quite literally comes everywhere with us and loves a selfie!

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